Paris food and music


Tonight with Gran Sister, we eat some good Japanese crude fish at SUSHI GOURMET, 1 rue de l’Assomption 75016 Paris, tél. 01 45 27 09 02. It is also a takeaway. The fish is really fresh, prepared by a Japanese chief cooker.


We eat one Unagi Maki :


And two CHIRASHI ROYAL (total 45,50€) :


Little Mountain doesn’t eat very much but she likes good music, specially PJ HARVEY. I don’t know this singer. Lets go to hear her concert, why not ? We will go to PJ HARVEY’S concert at Grand Rex in Paris, November 16, 2007 . Little Moutain is very happy cuz it is her first PJ Concert. I will pay the tickets cuz she is not rich… and also cuz a few days ago, she told me that I will perform in her next film (she is student in cinema). I will be famous ! I am a very bad actor. Someone told me that I make “art”only when I suffer… Nowadays I suffer. So, I will make bad art, poor spectators!

“Sometimes I feel so happy
Sometimes I feel so sad
Sometimes I feel so happy
But mostly you just make me mad
Baby you just make me mad…”

Velvet Underground: Pale blue eyes.

~ by nournours on September 20, 2007.

4 Responses to “Paris food and music”

  1. cool ! Bonjour ! je suis Kathy ! I like your blogger ! keep it up !

  2. I will try. I’m afraid to be quite boring.

  3. Nice style. Looks like a great joint to grab a great meal.

  4. Yeah. It was a good meal. I like to go to this little restaurant.

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