I like to ride a bike, specially my bike, an old Z900 KAWASAKI. I like the road : Paris/Geneva in SWITZERLAND. Paris/Barcelona in SPAIN, Paris/La Rochelle near Atlantic ocean. etc.

Ride a bike is tiring but it gives me the feeling of the real life : sun, rain, snow, smell, wind touch you, really touch you. In a car, you are in an aquarium.

On a bike you think you are flying. The cars rob the asphalt.

You ride a bike like an horse. You feel the bike between your legs. You hear the motor. Bike and man are one. You sit in a car, like in a cinema. In a car, you see the road, but you don’t live the road.

On a bike, you feel the body of the passenger, specially when she is your girlfriend. When we made long travels to SPAIN for instance, I remember I felt her lightly sleeping. She was not afraid on the bike. She used to sleep, not deeply but sleep.

I have to say that that now with my bike, I don’t go so far than before. Riding in the city by night is also good, with an Ipod under the helmet.


Summer’s almost gone, summer’s almost gone,

Almost gone, yeah, it’s almost gone.

Where will we be when the summer’s gone?

Morning found us calmly unaware,

Noon burned gold into our hair,

At night we swam the laughing sea.

When summer’s gone, where will we be?

Where will we be?

Where will we be?

Summer’s almost gone, summer’s almost gone,

We had some good times but they’re gone,

The winter’s coming on, summer almost gone.


~ by nournours on September 26, 2007.

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