Swiss mood

With my two brothers, we herited from our grand mother a little house along the edge of the Lake of Geneva (or LEMAN Lake). We used to go there for holidays since we were children.


The windows have wooden shutters with little apertures. In the morning, when the sun raises behind the moutains of MONTREUX in front of our house, the ray reflected on the lake, and threads up his way through the apertures of the closed shutters.

The ray goes up to dance on the roof of the rooms. It is strange and funny to see the light of the sun, not on the ground but on the roof.
Dance is the word because the light of the sun is reflected by the waving mirror of the lake..
Since I was child, when I wake up in the morning, I watch the roof of my chamber to see if the weather is fine.


When I wake up there…

Still wet from a strange dream
Dawn burst
Scarring the chamber’s
Roof where all things lie


I like to go there in winter. There is a fire place in every chamber.
Good Swiss food ( fondue, raclette) hot wine. In the evening, I go to Montreux to see a movie. I like to take a walk in the wood behind the village. In summer, under the trees I find strawberries raspberries and bilberries. In autumn I pick up chesnuts.


~ by nournours on September 27, 2007.

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