Imo’s painting art, so much symbols

Imo is my friend, my sister, my confidant.

She is an artist painter. She had been a student of Beaux-Arts in Paris. A museum of SEOUL bought one of her painting. After living in Paris since more 22 years, she decides to come back to Korea at the end of the year. I am sad cuz she is for me like a sister. It was a pleasure to go to museum with her. She is not snobbish and she knows how to make me discover the art. Always, she made me feel comfortable about art when we went together to an exhibition. We share many secrets about our intimate lives. I will miss her.

For my 50 years birthday, she gave me a painting she made for me. I prefer so much that kind of gift, only made for me with love or friendship. When I’ll see that monkey watching me, I’ll think to Imo. She will be with me.


It is a monkey cuz according Chinese astrology, I am monkey. The animal is sitting on one tray of a pair of scales (symbol of the Justice – I’m lawyer). He is eating an apple, the Biblical Adam’s apple. He is eating the apple of the life. Somes leaves are falling around him, like each day of our life.

On the other tray of the pair of scales, there is an apple. That apple is intact, symbol of the Biblical purity when Adam and Eva didn’t yet eat the apple. The pair of Scales don’t show what tray is heavier.


The Monkey’s eyes are so human on that painting. Sad eyes. Melancholy eyes. The monkey is thinking, asking to himself why he is living. Finding no answer in his mind, he thinks to the meaning he could give to his life. He remembers good things he made. Bad things he made. Are his life heavier than the intact apple ? After 50 years living, how many question, I ask to myself ?

The painting is made on a special paper : music manuscript paper run on barrel organ.


This paper is symbol of genetic code. Genetic code theoretically doesn’t change, like manuscript paper. But in fact, it changed and made the evolution of the species. Once upon a time, a monkey became an human being. Imo used to work on “IMPERMANENCE”, word which do not exist in French. IMPERMANENCE is the opposite of PERMANENCE. Imo wanted to show that all in the universe is moving, changing. It is mostly an Asian philosophy. Imo painted several pictures on that strange paper. Her art is not a religious one.

Once upon a time, Monkey stopped to be a monkey. Piercing a unexpected hole on his manuscript paper, he became man.

Lessons on becoming

a revolutionary

an actor

(a prophet!)

or a poet

Jim Morrison

… piercing unexpected holes in our souls ?

Thanks Imo, thanks.

~ by nournours on October 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Imo’s painting art, so much symbols”

  1. I love this. The artwork is beautiful and I don’t know anything about art.

  2. Don’t need to “know”something about art, your soul is enough

  3. Thank you for your website 🙂
    I made on photoshop backgrounds for myspace and youtube and even more
    my backgrounds:
    have a great day and thank you again!

  4. Thanks Createmo ! I saw your website and I must say : “No future” !

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