To be a collage of magazine dust – Jim Morrison


How many lives we live in one life ? Many.
There is a rythm in my life, with some breaks. I moved many times, my home, in suburb, in Paris. Eachtime with another mood. Jobs : army, secretary/student, lawyer. Holidays many times in Spain & Switzerland, Nederland, Scandinavia, sometimes in France . Some friends had disappear, new others came in my life. Opening their world to me. Some food I used to eat had also changed. Birthes and deads. I died with someone’s dead. In love, many empty periods but some strong spots. Ended loves became friendship. Other stories (no much) became emptiness. Loving an Italian funny student girl seems not to belong to the same life than loving a French glamour architect woman. Am I yet the little boy who’s laughing with his Spanish gran father ? Did I really organize that Christmas table with candles?

With each crack, a new “I” appeared.
When I remember nowadays some part of my life, I feel sometimes, it is not me who had lived this. Don’t worry, I’m not schizophrenic. When I was young, I was one. 51 years after, I am just an addition of « several past me ».

To be a collage of magazine dust

Scratched on foreheads of walls of trust

This is ust jail for those who must

get up in the morning & fight for such

Jim Morrison

~ by nournours on October 24, 2007.

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