Loulou, the dog

Loulou lawyer


See my friend, Loulou who accepted to give me his pic, with clothes of a lawyer to make my greetings card for the New Year 1995.

When my childhood friend who has been living in Canada 17 years, came back to France, he bought a little house, 60 km from Paris, with a big garden. The area was pretty : woods, fields, rivers. I gave to him a little black dog, a labrador retriever. He called the dog « Loulou ».

Loulou’s life had been fantastic. He quickly found the way to go out from the garden and he spent his life, running, swimming, loving fermales. He visited some houses in the neighbourood. The labrador dogs (retrievers) like very much the water and a little river « Petit Morin »was near Loulou’s kennel.. He made very much friends of many races and colors. He was not racist.

Loulou’s girlfriend


Loulou was a bit robber. Some neighbours did plaint about some stealings of meat and sausages when they made barbecues.
Loulou was a bit comfortable. Some neighbours did plaint cuz they found in the morning, Loulou sleeping with their kids in bed.
Loulou was a good retriever. His kennel was full of balls and toys. He made cry some children who didn’t find anymore their toys.
Loulou was a bit disgusting. He used to complete his feeds, searching some delicious bone in the garbage, tearing up the bin bags. The City Council had stick on the walls placards about the « hooligans » who were destroying bags of garbage…

Loulou hooligan


An evening, I was driving to visit my friend and some hundreds meter before his house, I saw in the light of my car, Loulou standing out of a garbage container, with the lid on his head and a French stick bread in his mouth. Terrific picture which haunt my nightmares, yet nowadays ! He was the King of the Village and nobody couldn’t accuse him.

King Loulou


But Loulou was a very intelligent and very good dog. He would give his life for anybody.

During holidays in Switzerland, I was swimming in the lake. And Loulou who was staying on the beach playing with a wood stick, thank that I was too far from the beach. So he dived into the water, and quickly catch up me. Then, he start to swim around me making narrow circles to forbid to me to go further. I understood him and I stop. I put myself on the back, watching the sky and took Loulou by the tail. The rescuer dog pull me to the beach. He was very strong. He was Superdog !

In the house, there were many cats. One, a black cat became his friend. Sleeping on Loulou stomach, always following the dog.

In a cold night of december 2005, the dog waked up my friend who understood that Loulou wanted to go out. So, he opened the door to the dog and….the cat.
He saw the two animals running on the snow and disappearing in the night.

The next day, the animals didn’t come back. The day after, only the cat came back. He was covered in dust, Very nervous, he was shouting, crying. Something happened to Loulou. But nobody knew what. Loulou disappeared. The cat has been unable to show to my friend, the place where Loulou was probably stuck. We think that Loulou was fallen in a hole and he could not come back up.

Your dog is still lost in the frozen woods

Or he would run to you

How can he run to you,

Lunging with blooded sickness on the snow ?

He’s still sniffing gates

And searching strangers for your smell,

Which he remembers very well…

 Can you still run down beach, rocks,

Bed below – without him ?


I’m sure that in the sky, Loulou is waiting us to play with his ball.



I am now listening to a cool, very cool song of Windy & Carl “Sketche for Flea” . 17 minuts of magic sound : music with the noise of a wood fire, a dog gasping. Go to http://www.last.fm to find that master piece.

~ by nournours on October 27, 2007.

3 Responses to “Loulou, the dog”

  1. Writing these words, I didn’t know that a few days later, Loulou’s master, Eric should meet him in the sky.

  2. I wish my dog wasnt so lazy >.> all he does is sleep and go out for walks!

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