Swiss Autumn

Last week, Little Cock and me went to Switzerland for some holidays. On the road, no much traffic. I like to be on the road.We shared some hundreds kilometers with a young hitchhiker. We exchanged some words about his interestening traveling life and let him in a gas station.

We arrived in the evening. The old house was rather cold. So I quickly light a fire in the stove. I cooked the dinner : an hot soap.

In the night the Geneva lake was grumbler and the moon tried in vain to appease him.

We waked up early in the morning. I cooked a good breakfast : eggs and bacon, toasted French bread rubbed with tomatoe with olive oil and salt (Catalan recipe : pan con tomate). Little Cock likes my breakfasts.

We walked up to the moutains behind the house but we didn’t find chestnuts. Too late : men, wild boars and squirrels did eat before us. The snow has fallen on the top of the moutains whose feet were covered with the red leaves. The shy sun of the autumn was sweetly warm.

That is the period I prefer to go there. No tourist, no ski… only Swiss people living in their little village.

In the evening, we went down to receive some sun in the Swiss riviera.

Some old houses look like houses of the French Riviera (Nice, Menton, Monaco). In the streets, there are some gingko trees. Sundly Little Cock run under the trees and shaked them. Later, I will tell you what she made with the smelly fruits fallen from this fabulous tree…
Near the market place, there is a statue of Freddie Mercury, singer of the band QUEEN. This band did play many times in Montreux Festival.

We took a walk in the narrow streets of Montreux and came back along the edge of the lake until the sun disappeared behind the moutains.
The mountains « Les dents du Midi » were pink. Switzerland in Autumn… you should go to see ! dents-du-midi.jpg

In the evening after dinner we watched a DVD. Woody Allen’s old movie (1972) “Play it Again, Sam” .Very funny.

~ by nournours on November 4, 2007.

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