Swiss Ginkgo Harvest

In the streets of Montreux and in another Swiss city, Monthey there are ginkgo trees. As soon as she saw those trees, Little Cock began to pick up the fallen fruits. It was not enough so, she shaked the trees to make fall more fruits.

I helped her in that funny work. People, specially in the center of Montreux, were watching us with some surprise in their eyes.
Nobody there could unterstand why we made so, particulary as the fruits of Ginkgo, which look like yellow cherries, smell… shit, really.

Little Cock didn’t care about smell and she full an entire bag. When we put the bag in the rearcar box, the smell was unbearable. My car was a W.C. At home, we peeled with plastic gloves, the fruits and we kept only the stones.

We wash the stones with water. Then we put the stones in a frying pan without oil. And we make roast the stones.

I never eat that before and I have to say that it is very good.

Little Cock said to me that several Chinese traditional medicine drugs contain ginkgo leaves. It is very good for the health. Gingko is a fantastic tree. It didn’t change since thousands years before the dinosaur period. In Hiroshima, Gingko was the first tree to start again to grow after the atomic bomb.

After that smelly harvest, we visit a French town, also at the edge of the Geneva lake, EVIAN which is very famous for its mineral water.

I brought some Swiss chocolate for the “happy” members of my office, chocolate Cailler

~ by nournours on November 6, 2007.

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