Eye watch – Jim Morrison


The eye is God.

And the world…
The eyes are the genitals of perception, and they have too have established a tyranny. They have usurped the authority of the other senses. The body becomes a thin awkward stalk to support the eye on its round.

Why should the eyes be called « windows of soul » and key to deepest human communion, and touch denied as mild collisions of flesh.

The blind copulate, eyes in their skin.
The eye is « light at rest ».

Jim Morrison – Ecrits page 486


Sure. Human being remains an animal. We often think that desire or love begin by an exchange of looks. In fact, it could be only a question of skin or smell. But in that case, eye immediatly snatches power up, trying to make us forget that we have other senses. A dog doesn’t trust his eyes. He pickes up the lovely smell before to fall in love ! Animal wisdom.

The women I’d loved, never resembled to my sexual fantasy.

Their smell was enough. Not necessary to see. The stronger emotions (for instance, a memory revival) I felt, had been produced by a smell not by a look.

~ by nournours on November 9, 2007.

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