“The graveyard, the tombstone…” Jim MORRISON

Eric never said what he wanted for him, to be buried and where, or to be cremated. Sure, he should not like to be put in the earth of the sad city of Paris suburb where we growed up. So…


I didn’t like this African shell cemetery, I don’t like cemeteries. Some people like to take a walk in Parisian cemeteries, like the famous one Le Père Lachaise. They find there some peace. I did go once. My soul smelt bitter perfums, heard murmured words about regret of the life, saw eyes searching the light of the sun, felt cold hands trying to grip mine and cold tears falling on my cheek. Dead flowers.

The graveyard, the tombstone,

the gloomstone & runestone

The sand & the moon, mating

deep in the Western night

waiting for…


Please tell to your family, to your friends what you want after your death. If you want to give something special to someone. Write it right now !. Life is a miracle. So, don’t wait to live, deeply, happily. Take good times now ! now ! Tomorrow will be perhaps too late.

I want to be cremated. I would like my ashes be taken into this blue lake, near my father grave panoram-copie2.jpg

~ by nournours on November 10, 2007.

4 Responses to ““The graveyard, the tombstone…” Jim MORRISON”

  1. Such a powerful post. Thanks for sharing it. I think, though I am not sure, this post of mine would interest you very much:



  2. Gracias Andrès. Who has never felt such a tought about what happens to oneself “after” ?

  3. Thats a really cool post. Yeah, I suppose were only ever here physically, its a great thing to think about, the afterlife–death even. It’s seen as dark, and we all fear it more than anything, our phobias are present because through them we fear death, just nothingness. And the best thing is, no one knows. And its a journey you have to put your whole into and be in it yourself. It’s fascinating, actually. great post, man. x

    • Thanks. In these last days, Eric and his dog came back in my dreams. His parents and one of his friends called me by phone in this last period. Strange. It was like Eric was coming back after un long travel…

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