PJ HARVEY’s concert in Paris Grand Rex


PJ HARVEY – Down by the Water:

Little Mountain had spoken to me about this singer I didn’t know. I’m so ignorant about music, always listening oldies. PJ HARVEY is Little Mountain’s favorite singer. So when we heard about her next concert in Paris, we decided to go.
It was her first PJ HARVEY’s concert (it was mine too). She offered me last PJ HARVEY’s CD «White Chalk».


I did appreciate cuz I know she is not rich. For the first time, Little Mountain who used to be late, arrived in advance in front of the Rex.
Rex is a very famous cinema in Paris cuz it has been during long time, the biggest movie theater.


PJ HARVEY has a pretty voice and she knows how to use it. She played alone on stage, wxith different instruments. She is a very good musician.
She easily conquered the public.

PJ HARVEY – Rid of me :

Little Mountain has been unable to take pictures, so much sujugated by PJ HARVEY.
After my camera memory was full, she gave her camera memory to me, asking me for take most pics possible.
After the show, we ate dinner in a Japanese restaurant with one of his good friend, a Taiwanese student. Little Mountain was not with us. She was dreaming… I understood her.

I loaded some pics of the concert on http://www.flickr.com


And loaded videos too on http://www.youtube.com, username Nournoursword

~ by nournours on November 18, 2007.

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