BEIJING food in Paris

If you want to eat typical Beijing meals, go to :

“Le bistrot de PEKIN”, 38 rue de Ponthieu, 75008 PARIS Tél. 00 33 (0)1 42 56 50 86

Fax : 00 33 (0)1 42 56 14 20. It is near Les Champs Elysées. Subway/metro station : Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Little JI is from Beijing and yesterday she took me with her to that very typical Beijing restaurant in Paris. She wanted to make me know the BEIJING food. The boss and the waitresses are kind. The waiter is a charming boy who’s really happy to work there. All people came from BEIJING and speak with that typical accent of the Chinese capital. The service is good.

In a few days, winter will come. So we ate a hot pot, 火锅,火鍋 in Chinese.

Vegetables and noodles :


Mutton meat, tripe, tofu,


Two different bouillons (one was spicy) in the hot pot:




~ by nournours on November 23, 2007.

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