Easy rider


Yesterday, I saw that panel in a shop. And I immediatly thought that I could offer it to Eric if he was still alive. He could smile reading it. I imagined that panel on the door of his wooden cabin or on Loulou’s kennel in Heaven.

It is a reproduction of a real panel which some red neck utilized to humiliate long hair people. In sixties and seventies, when you had long hair, sure you had trouble with such people but also with policemen. Many time, I was arrested in the subway because of my hair or my flowered shirts.


Meanwhile policemen were going throw my pockets, people scared were passing away, watching me as if I was a dealer under arrest. I was a worker and a student in Law. But for those people, it didn’t matter. My crime was to have long hair and to wear worn military tunic. I had also problems with some fascist students in Paris university. As I didn’t want to cut my hair, I had to go to another university. And when with my long hair I was riding my motorbike, it was worst. To be a biker was also an alternative way of life, a suspect way of life. People thought that bikers are violent hooligans.

About the beginning of the hippy culture and the hostility of well thinking people against that “dirty”youth, let’s see the end of the movie “EASY RIDER” :


~ by nournours on November 27, 2007.

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