My Mother 80 years birthday

Today, it’s my mother’s birthday. Encarnacion is 80 years old. Tomorrow, I will cook for her a delicious couscous (North African food) and some apple cakes. All the family will be at home.

Encarnacion is born November 30 1927 in Barcelona (SPAIN). She knew the old king of SPAIN, then the first Republic, the Civil war and FRANCO’s dictature. When she was a child, she was sick during years and she couldn’t run and play like the other children. So she became a dreamer. Living in a harbour city, she saw every day big boats coming and going fareaway.


When she was 25 years old, she began to learn French language and to wrote to a French correspondant. He was a soldier, in the Navy, fighting in VIETNAM, in that time French colony called INDOCHINE. This sailor broke his arm and he couldn’t write anymore to my mother. He ask to one of his friend, soldier too, to write in future to my mother.


This young sailor, Daniel accepted and began to exchange with my mother some cards and letters. Their words became sweeter and sweeter. My mother and this soldier decided to meet themselves when he will finish his Navy period.

So they met in PARIS. This French sailor was for my Mama, a dream, a foreign man with another culture. Then, a love story began and they got married.

Quite romantic beginning. The continuation is another story…


I would like to take a film, a movie, speaking with her about her long life. I would like to keep alive some of her memories. She is OK. But I’m not a director movie. I don’t know how to do. I don’t want to make something boring. I will ask to Little Mountain who has studied cinema in BEIJING UNIVERSITY and now in PARIS VIII, to help me, and before to make the film, to buy a camera.



~ by nournours on November 30, 2007.

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