Paint art

IMO will come back to KOREA at the end of december. It hasn’t been easy for her to decide that return. After 25 years in PARIS, she didn’t know what should be the right decision. And finally, she tought that here in PARIS, she wasn’t happy. But I’m sad and I know it will be difficult for me to say goodbye when I’ll drive her to CHARLES DE GAULLE Airport.

She had accumulated many things. Even sad and alone, she is energetically preparing all the boxes for the moving. I admire her energy. I try to help her when she needs.

At the same time, she’s organizing an exposition in LUXEMBURG. Yesterday, with my car, we brought some of her paints to the studio of one of her friend, also Korean woman, a painter. I saw the paints of her friend.


Sans titre, 213 x 183 cm, 1991

I tried to put in words what I was feeling at the sight of the paints. Understanding what I trying to do, IMO explained to me in a few easy words her friend’s work.


Espoir 11, huile sur toile, 35 x 50,8cm, 2001

I like her unaffected modesty. She doesn’t speak often about her art and when she does, her words are simple.


~ by nournours on November 30, 2007.

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