Couscous recipe (Cheap and tasty food)

Kitchen ustensil :
A “couscousssier” with two parts (and a cover) :
– Under for the vegetables, the meat and the bouillon ; it’s an high pan
– Upper part which looks like a sieve for semolina


If you don’t have a couscoussier. It doesn’t matter. An high pan and a sieve. Even only a pan for the bouillon. The semolina can be cooked in microwave, or in a plate with boiling water, covered.

Ingredients for 6 persons:
– 1,5 kg wheat semolina (meddle size)
– butter (250 gr) or oliva oil
– 0,5 kg turnips
– 0,5 kg carrots
– 1 aubergine
– 2 courgettes
– 2 onions
– 1 big canned chickpeas
– 1 little canned peeled tomatoes
– 1 big canned string bean
– harissa
– dried raisins
– mutton meat (neck – 2 pieces/person)
– merguez (spicy North African sausage) not obligatory
– special powder that you can mix yourself with Ras-El-Hanout, curry, ginger, coriander, carvi, curcuma, paprika and cumin. Or buy it in special North African food shops. This powder is not obligatory but it taste so good.

Preparation :

1° Semolina :
Put semolina and dired raisins in a big salad bowl, add hot salted water.
Let semolina drink water and mix it.
Then put semolina on the upper part of the couscoussier.
Add some butter or oil
Mix often meanwhile semolina is cooking with the steam of the under bouillon

2° Bouillon :
Put oil in the pan on fire, add mutton meat pieces and let fry,

When the meal is roasted, add cut onions. Mix and let cook untill onion are brown

Then add tomatoes, salt and special powder. Let cook some minutes.
Add all vegetables (except courgettes, string beans and chickpeas)
When the vegetables are most cooked, add courgettes, chickpeas and string beans).

3° Merguez:
Put merguez in a frying pan with oil. Let fry. It’s ready ! In each plat, put first semolina, then vegetables and meal, bouillon and a merguez.

You can also eat couscous with a piece of roasted chicken and drink hot green tea with fresh mint.


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  1. ow ur version look’s very yummy,I will really tried this one day..I like sausages

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