It’s a thin line…


Where does he find the energy to write so disgusting letters that he never wrote to anybody else ? After a so short story, after so much time she’s gone, why is he still interested by her present life where he has no place ?

Now that you have gone

all alone

the desert to explore

& left me here alone


Why doesn’t he succeed to forget this unfortunate story ? Why he’s still worrying when he knows that she is sick ? She wrote “you’ll never see me again”.

I will not come again

I will not come again


He knows that. Friendship between them is impossible. He’s sad about this. Why loosing time to write so hatefull ? Is it hate ?

Feelings with which he doesn’t know what to do. Destroy those bulky feelings by dirty words.

All these monstruous

Words forsaken, falling

by all Hell

loose walls, forgotten

tumbling down into

Night/Fast friends

fellows of the one true cross

earthly lovers crash

sweet sorrow blakness

on the spilled roadside

down, into fire

silence, cry.



~ by nournours on December 6, 2007.

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