Thurston MOORE’s concert at PARIS Trabendo

Yesterday, Little Moutain invited me at Thurston MOORE’s concert at TRABENDO. I met her and one of her friend, a Chinese student in documentary movie, Litltle Blue Bird.
Thurston MOORE looks like a young student playing in his parents’ garage. He has the same energy than a teenager. Listening to him, you receive that joyufull energy. He played with the Sonic Youth drummer. I did like their music… and also the violonist’s moon boots 🙂


After the concert, we ate at a Japanese restaurant NAGASAKI 194 avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 PARIS té. 01 42 38 28 88 . That restaurant is near TRABENDO. Food is good, spec fresh fish. We were eating when we saw coming in the restaurant Thurston MOORE and his musicians. They sit at a table behind us… Then Thurston MOORE came to us and ask what we can recommand to him to eat. He is very cool and simple. He doesn’t look like a star. I told him that his show was good but too short.


~ by nournours on December 12, 2007.

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