Warm beer and cold women – Tom WAITS

“Warm beer and cold women, I just don’t fit in
every joint I stumbled into tonight
that’s just how it’s been
all these double knit strangers with
gin and vermouth and recycled stories
in the naugahyde booths

with the platinum blondes
and tobacco brunettes
I’ll be drinkin’ to forget you
lite another cigarette…
all my conversations I’ll just be
talkin’ about you baby
borin’ some sailor as I try to get through
I just want him to listen…
now the moon’s rising
ain’t got no time to lose
time to get down to drinking…”

I don’t like to drink warm beer, donkey piss. I prefer fresh beer.

Cold women, even platinum blondes in deserted bars never made me forget. And you Tom, did you succeed ?

~ by nournours on December 17, 2007.

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