Bicycle mechanic in Paris

A bicyclette – Yves MONTAND

Since 1995 when the Paris public transport workers went on strike, I move around every day with my bicycle in PARIS.

Forgotten bicycle in HAMBURG – DE.

Sometimes, I have to change the tyres or to repair a part of my bicycle. No problem : I know a bicycle mechanic who’s in the center of “Les Puces”market (metro : porte de clignancourt). I go by car. There is a parking in the same street of the mechanic. I bring my bicycle to the mechanic in the morning and he gives it back to me in the evening. Meanwhile, I take a walk in this wonderful market LES PUCES where I can find some antic or cheap clothes.

The prices of the repairs are not expensive. It’s a family garage. The mechanic works hard. His parents help him. They all wach at the sky and hear the weather report cuz Parisian people stop ride their bicycle, when the weather is not fine. I like the mood in their little shop. The shop is only open on saturday, sunday and monday (like the other shops of “Les Puces”).

JAKOB’s Mechanic garage :
Stephane JAKOB 34 rue Paul Bert, 93400 SAINT-OUEN, Tél. 06 83 07 10 95/01 49 45 15 79


~ by nournours on December 18, 2007.

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