How to build a Nativity play

First install a carton box on a piece of furniture and stick on a piece of blue paper with little stars (made with aluminium roll). On the floor, install a string of lights.

Switch on the lights.
Sure, all the children like to help to do Nativity Play.
Put sand on the floor and dissimulate the electric strings. Then you can begin to build a mineral and vegetal decor. I used to go with my nephew in the woods. We pick up sand, pieces of dead wood, branches of fir tree and box tree and also green moss.
The lake can be made with a piece of glass on blue paper or with real water in plaster painted in bllue.

Invite the actors : all the Christmas figures. Don’t forget little JESUS !


In SPAIN, ITALY and South of France people used to do so.
In the countries of the North of EUROPE, they do a Xmas tree.


~ by nournours on December 21, 2007.

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