Useless – Wu Yong – 無用

賈樟柯, JIA Zhang Ke’s documentary made me remember a book I read” La trame conjugale”. The writer of this book, Jean-Claude KAUFMANN, made the analysis of the couple man/woman by their clothes and linen. With this element so simple and ordinary element of our diary life, which is the maintenance of the clothes and linen, KAUFMANN showed how the couple works and described its evolution. The wash is, in that view, one of the revealing instruments of the conjugal life.

JIA Zhang Ke follows a similar way, using the cloth to help us to discover the numerous faces of actual CHINA and its contrasts.


Clothes produced in a factory of the South of CHINA. Clothes created by the Chinese stylist MA Ke who organized in PARIS, a fashion parade which finally, looked like an happening, an art installation. MA Ke put some of her creations under earth and let them some monthes. Those clothes which have scars made by the earth, had been showed in PARIS. Earth also on undergrounds workers, poor coal miners trying to wash themselves like MA Ke did wash her clothes after having exhumed them. Clothes always, between a couple, him coal miner who was a tailor and goes on choosing clothes in the Supermarket, for his wife.

Discribing CHINA, JIA Zhang-Ke did not use this time his camera, but only pieces of clothes. Just describing, not judging.

Good, really good.


~ by nournours on February 8, 2008.

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