TIBET : Western countries giving lessons in morality !

Nowadays, all the TV, newspapers and radios in France and Western countries are speaking about TIBET. No one explains the real history of this country, an history so intimately acquainted with CHINA.

Western countries who are so happy to make trade and make more and more money with CHINA, wake up now with Olympic games. They make their own propaganda against CHINA. Giving to the all world lessons in morality, Western countries don’t want to look at their own problems. They think they are so clean !
For instance, in France we have a problem with some Corsica people who think that their island is not a French one. They really speak an Italian language and their culture is an Italian one. Corsica supporters of independance use the same words than Tibetans, about cultural genocide. They don’t want anymore to see French people living and working in CORSICA. They don’t want to speak French language… They say they are victims of French power.
I wonder what French people could think, if some other country like CHINA come to tell them that they have to give freedom and independance to CORSICA.


And the USA, spec Mr Richard GERE, who had been so ridiculous at a Oscar ceremony for speaking suddenly against CHINA, should look at the American natives genocide that America is doing. The biggest genocide of the world which has not been only cultural. Nowadays, the native americans still have cultural problem.


Always about that so moral and hypocritical western country, the USA should stop to give lessons in democracy to the world. Their story is worst than CHINA history. What did USA make with Allende democracy in CHILI ?


What are USA doing in IRAK ? In february 2008, USA have legalized bath torture, like in Middle Age, like some other dictatures. Please, close Guatanamo bay detention camp before speaking about human rights, freedom and democracy in TIBET.


France and USA could also speak together about what they made in Vietnam… USA did help POL POT in Cambodgia, then BEN LADEN, only for the pleasure to see those dangerous men fight against USSR. And now USA and other wertern countries, want to give lesson in democracy to CHINA!


~ by nournours on March 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “TIBET : Western countries giving lessons in morality !”

  1. The pot constantly calls the kettle black and through others we see a reflection of ourselves. We are quick to condemn when others have erred, but slow to realise we are the same. And even if we do realise, we just ignore it.

    China V.S Tibet just put the spotlight on the stain that needs to be scrubbed.

  2. Do you know ? I’m sick and tired to ear always the same sugary news. Western colonialism is going on, under new forms, under more dangerous forms. Brain colonialism.

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