Lou REED in concert at Salle PLEYEL (PARIS)

June 28th 2008, here’s again Lou REED

a short video

Same decor an old Chinese drawing. Same musicians. But the songs were different. It was another show. Less commercial. Less easy. He plaid BERLIN Album.
The Salle PLEYEL where Lou REED did perform yesterday is smaller than the Palais des Congrès. The mood in the Salle Pleyel, wasn’t good. Half an hour before the concert and during all the concert, many watchmen at the four corners and at the middle of the auditorium were observing the audience for forbid any pic or video.
Mister Lou REED had threat to stop the show if some one take a pic with a flashlight ! Miser Lou REED is a Diva.
With all those watchmen, the audience looked like a herd of muttons with dogs around.

Lou REED had no contact with his audience. No smile. Stiff Lou REED. Frozen Lou REED. Constipated anorexic Lou REED.

But excellent musician Lou REED. Really good. Spec that saturday evening. I should try to see BERLIN the film.
We wanted to see him before he dies. He’s just a brilliant ghost with a little fat paunch :

June 28th, sad anniversary. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

~ by nournours on June 29, 2008.

One Response to “Lou REED in concert at Salle PLEYEL (PARIS)”

  1. This is cool information about the concert there. I’ve posted some video clip with music of Lou Reed and an interview with him on my blog, feel free to visit.

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