“Summer of Love”

The “Summer of Love“, Frisco 1965-67 : moving on the other side of the reality by the way of “the disordered state of all the senses”, dear to RIMBAUD. Movies projected on the walls, lights, music and acid. Organized chaos, being high with some flashes, crazy changes into decomposition, odd alternation, strange electroneuronal connection. Acid tests.

Drugs are a bet w/ your mind


I don’t know. Did Protest Rock drive civil commotion to more politic passivity ? Perhaps. I’ve read a good little book about this period : San Francisco 1965-1970 The Psychedelic Years – Barney HOSKYNS

Now I don’t want to hear no talk about no revolution,

I don’t wanna hear no talk about no riots,
No demonstrations, no calcitritions, no impablermations.
There’s only one thing I want to see…
That’s some dancin’ !
We”re gonna have some fun !
We’re gonna have a good time !


The people who consume drugs, that I knew in my life, weren’t very interested by political problems excepted by one : drug legalization. They don’t worry about other political problems, even more heavy. They organize a big part of their life, around drugs. Barney HOSKYNS wrote that Janis JOPLIN leave one of her boyfriend cuz they didn’t consume the same kind of drug.
There are so many other places to see in EUROPA. But drug consumers prefer to spend again and again their holidays in Amsterdam, not because it is a beautiful city that they saw many times, but because they can easily buy some drugs. Last year, my old friend Eric who was a drug consumer, asked me if I would like to go with him to Nederland for summer holidays. I answered that I prefer to go in Sweden. But SWEDEN didn’t interest him. Three months after, in November, Eric went to Amsterdam for drug holidays. Nederland police found him dead in his van near a lonely highway on the way of the return.

Many years ago, when Eric decided to discover America, he finished his “trip” in VANCOUVER Island where he decided to live. Why ? cuz it is a very beautiful country but (some others countries are beautiful) also cuz there, drugs are easy to find. After some “funny” years, he had been obliged to come back to FRANCE, cuz he was day by day, murdered by all kind of drugs he found there.

About legalization of the drugs, we spoke together about serious illness like AIDS. We all know that Marijuana can help to bear the suffering… but speaking about this, Eric often made me smile. It seemed that after a possible political legalization, he was hoping to be sick. He was dreaming to have the right to consume his “medical” joint prepared by a sexy nurse.

He used to look with an amazing greediness the medicines. He knew all kind of medicines and their effects on the body and especially on the brain. He could be a pharmacist.

In a Gus Van Sant’s movie DRUGSTORE COWBOY with Matt Dilon, there is a character who always makes me think to Eric. An old parish priest ex-junky, consumer of medicines.

During the most part of his short life, Eric lost his energy with drugs. Drugs didn’t help him to see clearly what he had to do in his life. In his confused brain, there was a blinding cloud of smoke.

Drug doesn’t open consumers’mind. The consumers don’t look wiser. It seems that drug mostly helps them to bear the problems they have inside themselves since their chilhood. The culture of the rejection drawns to herself many maladjusted persons who don’t find their place in the society. We should try to understand them, not call the police !

Being drunk is a good disguise.
I drink so I
can talk to assholes
This includes me.



~ by nournours on July 7, 2008.

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