Wall-E a robot, the last one, is working hard. Happy, despite his loneliness.

This old generation robot is cleaning, for nothing, tonnes of waste on the deserted Earth. Every day, he sorts, presses and piles up mountains of waste.
Every evening, he comes back to his »house » an old truck. Alone, he likes to watch the VHS film Hello, Dolly.

Suddendly Eve, a new generation robot appears, sent by human beings exiled since 700 years far from this dead earth. Eve is searching life, the possibility for human beings to come back on earth.

Wall-E, falling in love, followes Eve when she comes back to Axiom, an artificial planet where are living human beings since they have been obliged to leave the Earth too much polluted.

The human beings are all fat, doing nothing in this artificial world of consomation.

We understand that AXIOM = USA.

Wall-E is a funny film. Wall-E poses the problem of actual occidental way of life.

How a major like PIXAR-Walt Disney, from Hollywood can produce such animation film ?
We watch on TV more and more advertising about « sustainable » products.

Big Companies and their friends, our political leaders didn’t become hippies. They do not care about a safe nature. Only profit pushes them..

They have understand that they can make money with the sustainable speech, and more with sustainable production.

So, we are paying more and more to have clean water, pure air, « ecological » car and house, natural food, etc.

It is the beginning of a new capitalistic order. Not sincere at all.
Let’s open our eyes.

Believe Greenpeace not DISNEY !


~ by nournours on August 13, 2008.

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