The film turns around the Joker, not BATMAN:

The Joker isn’t interested by money. He doesn’t belong to the Mafia. The Joker is destroying the Mafia. He just wants to play with the fear, an irrational terror. He tries (and he succeeds) to demonstrate that human being is bad. He wants the power by the fear.
For his show, the Joker needs BATMAN who is his unwilling but conscious sparring partner. So the Joker refuses to kill BATMAN because “the show must go on”.
BATMAN felt the limits of his own power against this nihilist antiheroe.
BATMAN appears like an “has-been”. He thinks he is so. He felt that his power could also dangerous for the freedom of the citizens. He wants to let his place to another kind of heroe, more legal, like the procurator.
But the Joker changes procurator’s mind, proving that even the most idealistic good citizen can be deformed by hate.

Hate and fear… Two words which are inspiring the USA political, with the complicity of their Joker, Ben Laden.

This week, the French weekly L’EXPRESS headline was :

Why the RUSSIA is threatening us ?

M. Christophe BARBIER, director of l’Express is a stupid journalist and the dear friend of Mrs SARKOZY. He is a faithfull soldier of the Occidental propaganda. Mr Christophe BARBIER should write about USA installing rockets in POLONIA, near the Russian frontier. That’s USA who are threatening RUSSIA.

Could it be possible for the RUSSIA to install rockets in Canada or MEXICO at a few kilometers to the USA Frontier ?

The owner of L’EXPRESS is Mr Serge DASSAULT, the man who mass-produces planes bombers Mirage Rafale. He and some of his numerous politics friends are trying to give us some good fear about RUSSIA or CHINA. A fear, then an hate will convict us to buy to him some more bombers.

Please stop to play with our fear, Mr Joker !

~ by nournours on August 24, 2008.

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