FRANCE go home ! Right now !

During the sovietic period, USA paid, helped (giving weapons), supported BEN LADEN. USA and BEN LADEN were allied against U.S.S.R. In that time, AMERICA didn’t care about Afghan women rights. AMERICA, this so religious country obsessed by anticommunism, was so happy to help terrorists talibans to make war against Soviets atheists.

AMERICA had to pay for her stupidity. The price has been high : 9 11. Like the Doctor FRANKENSTEIN killed by his monster, AMERICA has been bitten by her creature, BEN LADEN.

Most of French people don’t care about war in AFGHANISTAN. These fanatics, these talibans, BEN LADEN, all are the AMERICA’S sons. AFGHANISTAN war is a USA family affair.

French soldiers should come back to FRANCE, right now ! Why disgusting President SARKOZY didn’t send his two 22 and 23 years old sons Pierre et Jean SARKOZY to go to AFGHANISTAN ?

L’HUMANITE, French communist newspaper, 2008 sept. 22th.

~ by nournours on September 22, 2008.

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