TOKYO ! – The film

On Sunday evening, I saw that strange film. In fact, three shorts made by three different directors : two French Michel GONDRY, Leos CARAX and one Corean BONG Joon-ho. Three stories in TOKYO.
“Interior design” by Michel GONDRY.

A couple is searching a flat in TOKYO. They are temporarily received in the very little flat of a friend, a young woman who’s working hard. The couple : him, a young director of cinema thinks he’s making avant-garde films, but in fact, his films are really bad.  His girlfriend, an actress, quite dominated and despised by him. She is his diary servant. When he told her that she is not usefull, she is afraid to be too much transparent to the eyes of his boyfriend. And she changes little by little in a chair, abandonned in the streets of TOKYO. The film falls over in surrealism.
Like many films of Michel GONDRY, the life sometimes becomes – is ?- a dream, or rather a nightmare.

“Merde” by Leo CARAX.

Also a nightmare, a Japanese one. A strange man, an Occidental, living in the sewers, is terrifying TOKYO. He utilizes weapons abandonned by Japanese soldiers after NANKIN massacre. Al-Qaida, Aum sect, the Japanese newspapers ask the question of where this monster comes from. Policemen arrest him and…
Will Japan always live with some monstruosity ?

And the third film…“Shaking Tokyo” by Bong Joon-ho.

Since ten years, he is hikikomori. He lives shut up in his flat, reducing to the minimum his contacts with the external world. When the pizza delivery girl fainted at his home during an earth tremor, he fell in love with her ! Meanwhile all TOKYO population, even the pizza delivery girl, is becoming little by little hikimori, he tries to convince her to not become a hikimori.

I did like !

~ by nournours on October 21, 2008.

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