Life Autumn

Chant d’automne

Et pourtant aimez moi, tendre cœur ! soyez mère,
Même pour un ingrat, même pour un méchant ;
Amante ou sœur, soyez la douceur éphémère
D’un glorieux automne ou d’un soleil couchant

Autumn song

And though, love me, tender heart ! Let be mother ;
Even for an ungrateful, even for a  nasty ;
Lover or sister, be the ephemeral sweetness
Of a glorious autumn or of a setting sun.

Charles BAUDELAIRE – Les Fleurs du Mal

We, men, we are not really conscious of the time. I mean the life time. Women, even young, early understand that time is running.
Their body is a clock. Their menstrual cycle is a carillon.
We, men, we don’t have even one alarm clock.
Some women who loved me, got up out of my life and I didn’t hear the bell. I specially think to this sweet angel.

Men, we sleep till… we see our grey hair falling like leaves in autumn. We wake too late. That’s perhaps why many men have mid-life crisis.

I’m living now the afternoon of my life. It’s a good time for me, even when life hurts me.

But I know that I have slept too much. Here’s my autumn life, a sweet but not glorious one 😦

~ by nournours on October 23, 2008.

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