SARKOZY’S voodoo doll

A brave French judge has rejected President Nicolas Sarkozy’s attempt to stop sales of a “voodoo doll” in his image. Dismissing the case, the Paris judge said the doll was “within the authorised limits of free expression and the right to humour”. Mr Sarkozy’s lawyer said the president would appeal against the decision.
Let’s explain the words written on this funny voodoo doll.

« 170 % » : November 2007 : SARKOZY increased his wage from 7 084 euros to 19 331 euros by month, that is to say an increase of 170 %. Meanwhile he says to the workers the government hasn’t money.
« Casse toi pauv’con : get out of here, poor bastard « had said SARKOZY in the Agriculture trade fair  to a man who refused to shake his hand. A few months after, a man in LAVAL has been arrested by cops because he was holding a notice with the same sentence on, the day SARKOZY was arriving in this town.
« Travailler plus pour gagner plus : work more to earn more money ». SARKOZY was always saying that, but in France, the problem is chronic unemployment, 2 millions. Other big problem, the poor workers who work more but don’t earn more.
« Immigration choisie » SARKOZY wants to select the immigrants who will be allowed to come to work in France. So, he will steal the well-trained people from the poor countries.
« Racaille : scums » that the word SARKOZY says when he speaks about the young people in the poor suburb of PARIS.
« Ouverture : overture » some ministers of SARKOZY’s government are socialist but they do a conservative political. It’s not an overture but a betrayal.
« Vol de stylo : stealing a pen » . SARKOZY took away the pen the Romanian Prime minister lend to him for sign a treaty.
« Test ADN : DNA test » SARKOZY wants to oblige the new immigrants to  make a D.N.A. test to be sure that the children who will meet him, are really the immigrant sons.
« Textos : SMS » Some newspapers said that the day before his marriage with Carla BRUNI, SARKOZY had send a SMS, message with his cell phone, to his ex-wife, telling her that if she comes back with him, he will cancel the ceremony of marriage with Carla.
« Tu l’aimes ou tu la quittes : love France or you leave her » SARKOZY used to say this threatening sentence to the immigrant people.
« Vodka » After a meeting with the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir POUTINE, SARKOZY appeared totally drunk at the press conference.

« Pouvoir d’achat : purchasing power ». During the campaign, SARKOZY used to say he wanted to be the President of the purchasing power. But, one year after been elected, he did nothing to increase the purchasing power… of the poors.
« Fouquet’s » The evening of the day he had been elected, meanwhile his stupid supporters were wainting in the Place de la Concorde,  SARKOZY was dinning with his rich friends in luxuous restaurant in Champs Elysées. Such a symbol !
« Rupture : breaking off ». Even if he belongs to the same party than Jacques CHIRAC, even if he has been one of the more influent minister of Jacques CHIRAC, SARKOZY used to present himself like the man of the breakdown. A fake.
« Paquet fiscal : fiscal pack, fiscal deal » The first decision of SARKOZY after he has been elected, has been to make a goft to his rich friends. With this fiscal deal, a the rich people pay less taxes. Price for the Nation : 12 billions euros.
« Talonnettes : heel pad ». SARKOZY is a little man. He isn’t tall.  He used to put in his shoes heel pad. But what can he put in his little mind ?
« Réformes : reforms ». SARKOZY used to call « reform », each social regression decision he takes. Crook !
« Khadafi » During the campaign, SARKOZY used to say that he will be very demanding about human rights. After elections, SARKOY received KHADAFI like a king, hoping some numerous commercial treaties with this petroleum dictator.
« Service minimum : minimum service ». SARKOZY has obliged the public transports workers (train, metro, bus) to do a « minimum service «  when there is a strike.
« Turquie : Turkey » SARKOZY refuses Turkey comes in EUROPEAN UNION.
« Tom Cruise » The U.S. actor is an influent member of dangerous sect  . The Church of Scientology. He’s also SARKOZY’s friend. SARKZY who wants to destroy « reform » the French law against sects and the Frenc law about secularism.
« Bigard » a French humorist, SARKOZY’s friend in three points : in his one man’s shows he used to speak vulgarly about sex, he has come with SARKOZY to visit the Pope ; BIGARD thinks that 9/11 didn’t really exist…
« Publicité : advertising ». As soon as his friend BOUYGUES, the boss of the first French private TV, told him that he has some financial difficulties, SARKOZY decided to abolish advertising on all the public channels. Another goft to his rich friends…
« Yacht « After the presidential elections, SARKOZY spent holidays on the French billionaire Vincent BOLLORE’s yacht. SARKOZY is the billionaires’ marionette, another kind of doll.

One thing is sure : SARKOZY is giving a really good advertising about this voodoo doll. I’ve bought one doll. It could be a collector if SARKOZY wins in the Court of Appeal.

On what area of the doll, can I stick the pins today ?

~ by nournours on November 1, 2008.

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