One of my BUNUEL’s dreams

I’m lawyer. My client on that day was a man who had made trouble because he was drunk. This man is also a lawyer and he used to work in this court. So, I ask to him if he would prefer to be judged by another court. He smiles, he doesn’t care.
The courthouse looked like an old garage with a spiral access ramp for the cars. The walls are obscured by the dirtiness.
Between two audiences, I got to speak with a judge who invited me to go to see another one, a woman. When I met this new judge, she became the first judge. Like in a BUNUEL’s film.
The judge, the man, shows me some little black and white pictures of the childhood of my client. The judge thought these pics are the evidences of the problems my client used to have with alcohol.

On these photos, my client has become a little girl. I told to the judge that I remember the time when these picture had been shot. Because my client became my brother and I am six years older than him. I said I couldn’t see on these pictures, the evidence of the alcohol addiction of my client. The judge decided to not bring proceedings against my client/brother. The judge began to destroy the pictures.
After the first picture had been teared, I asked to him to stop and to give me these pics. My family doesn’t have any photo of this time because my father had destroyed them.

In a kitchen, there is some sand in the sink. I have an apple I want to eat. Laurence, a friend of mine’s wife who is now divorcing, tell me that I should wash before the apple with water…

And I wake up.

~ by nournours on November 3, 2008.

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