Some objects, some things are for me the bearers of memories. They are like a photo shot in the past. The arm of the past shaking my mind.
Last month, walking in Paris, I saw this car in a street.


Peugeot 404 Coupé.

Each time, I see a Peugeot 404 coupé, I remember the beginning of my first love. It was in october 1976. One week after having kissing her, I  invited her at the World Car exposition in Paris, I know, it wasn’t interesting for a 17 years old girl but someone gave me tickets. I was poor. And I wasn’t very bright, neither nowadays. And she was so beautiful.


I didn’t know her very well and I was quite shy. So I asked to my good friend Pascal to go with us there. He accepted and drove us in his Peugeot 404 coupé. Cool Pascal.
We took a short walk in this exposition, eating some roast chestnuts.

That’s all : Peugeot 404 coupé and roast chestnuts will always make me remember this faraway day of october 1976…

~ by nournours on November 18, 2008.

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