The surprises of the past

Sometimes our past come back to us by strange ways like in this story which happened to me …

I’ve bought my first computer in 1993. An Apple one.


Since that time, I’ve changed 5 or 6 times my computer. Each time I got a new one, I’ve transfered from the old to the new, all my data. Yesterday, I was looking in the copy of the previous H.D., searching nothing, just taking a walk in the old texts, the old pics etc
I have been surprised to find again this piece of an old text dated 1994.

le faux crin de cheval bleu est superbe….. je trouve cela tres beau pour des sieges…tout aussi beau que le noir.j’adore les tissus, les brocantes, les antiquaires, le the au lait, le chocolat, les tartelettes au citron, les fraisespreparees par Nournours, lesbaisers mouillees de Nournours lorsqu’il mepenetre, Londres et son marche aux puces, l’argenterie russe et francaise, la porcelaine anglaise, les macarons a la pistache, les crottins de chevre, les chemises blanches, le blanc, le bleu marine,le creme et le noir, les diamants, les bijoux anciens, les enfants bien eleves,mozart et La Callas, les films italiens,le baroque, les introvertis plus que les

the blue false horse tail is superb… I think this is very beautiful for the seats… So beautiful as black, I adore the furniture clothes, the second hand markets, the antique dealer, the milk tea, the chocolate, the lemon tarlets, the strawberries  prepared by Nournours, the Nournours’ wet kisses when he penetrates me, London and its flea market, the Russian and French silver plates, the English porcelain, the pistachio macaroons, the goat cheeses, the white shirts, the white, the navy blue, the cream colored and the black colors, the diamonds, the antique jewels, the well educated children, Mozart and La Callas, the italian films, the baroque style, the introverteds more than the…

It’s a text which refuses to disappear. The woman who wrote it, was my girlfriend.


She was an architect. Sometimes, she used my computer for her job. She wrote and let this light confession on my computer. She made this joke.
This text has its own life. It appears where and when it wants.
I remember that one of the secretaries in the lawyers’ office saw this text appearing in her computer, attached with a very serious Act I wrote for the Court ! It made smile her and me…
15 years and 6 computers after, it suddenly decided to appear again !

It’s true : I like to prepare some good things to eat for the girl I love. But are my kisses so wet when I make love ? Am I like a Pavlov’s dog when I see a sexy girl ?


~ by nournours on April 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “The surprises of the past”

  1. It’s more like to be written by a psychologist than a lawyer 🙂
    It’s ture that dream reveals the unconsciousness, i wrote a dream of mine( seveal years ago) this morning and found you happened to post dream-related words too…

  2. Last Dream is a post about a girl I often dream about. It is always sweet dreams even our story had been short and tough !

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