Desolate mood

I have always liked to go to desolate places. Desolate because too old, too tired.  Like MK II BEAUGRENELLE cinema. That movie theater is going away, destroyed because out of date. It was a 70’s building quite ungraceful. Never there were too many people. I appreciated that.


But I like also some desolate places because too new. Already unknown areas where the life is not completly settled.
MK II Bibliothèque, it’s a cinema in a new area in the East of PARIS, close to « La Grande Bibliothèque ».

Around there are new buildings and some modern  parks where the same young boys used to play city basket ball or mini football.


Large avenue with no cars, many offices of international companies closed at 6 P.M.,  noises of many trains from Austerlitz station.

Space and nobody.
I like desolate  mood

~ by nournours on May 27, 2009.

One Response to “Desolate mood”

  1. Beaugrenelle is a fabulous place !

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