Yesterday and today kids’ thoughts


When I left my parents’ home, I put some objects of my youth in a suitcase and let it in the cellar.
Yesterday, I made a trip to my faraway past, watching into this old suitcase. I found toys, school notebooks and books and newspapers. I used to draw on my High School notes some of my dreams. About music :




About my nightmares :




About my dreams :




When I was younger, as early as I was 10 years old, I used to read the newspapers my father brought at home. I cut out the articles I thought interesting (about sport, space conquest, rivalry between USA and USSR, French politic etc). Not really Disney cartoons.

And yesterday among all these newspaper cuttings, I found this one.




October 16th 1968, MEXICO, Olympics Games. 200 m race.
On the podium, Tommie SMITH and John CARLOS two black Americans athletes raised their black gloved hands during the US hymn. Sympathizers of the Black Panthers they protested against racial discrimination in America. They’ve been excluded for life from Olympics Games.
I was twelve years old and I felt concerned…

I don’t know if nowadays kids read newspapers their parents bring to home, or watch T.V. Informations. When I speak with my nephew, 15 years old, I don’t think so. Money, big cars, designer clothes and sexy girls, that’s all. Quite sad.

And, the last but not the least : WII, Playstation, Gamebox…



~ by nournours on August 24, 2009.

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