Ideal woman images

It’s funny to compare the ideal woman image in SWITZERLAND and in MAO’S China at the same period.
SWITZERLAND, the country of the banks, the insurances, international organizations (spec of O.I.T.), human rights organizations, rich, modern etc. In the book of military instructions for soldiers, we could read in 1958 about “The Woman’s role in the country”

women in Switzerland soldier book1958
“The woman is first the caretaker of the household unit. The man stays at the factory, at the filds, at the office. He travels…
The woman,vigilant, stays at home…
The woman stayed up late to mend the socks… It is at home she can better beam…”

Meanwhile in communist CHINA, the ideal woman goes to factory or the army, equal to man. For instance in 1963, this painting of a woman building a big ship :

women in Mao's China1963

~ by nournours on August 28, 2009.

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