Private life on the Net

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With some bloggers, we don’t need to be a spy to know all about their life… Just read is enough !

During years, they wrote so much about themselves, with so much details, sharing their diary problems, with the whole planet !



When we read their blogs like a newspaper, we got to know their boyfriend’s nervous breakdown in the metro or some intimate problem . They invite us to make a judgement into their couple’s quarrels and even to give our advise about the right time to leave him. They want we laugh about the gift they received from their new disgusting lover who doesn’t know that someone is writing on the Net about him. These bloggers don’t care about their private life but also the private life of their familiar friends.



Last January, a French blogger, Marc L. suddenly became a real star of the web. This Net surfer had the displeasure to find his life precisely narrated in LE TIGRE, a magazine who had the idea to create a new column, entitled “Google portrait”. In this column that kept all the information let by Marc L. on the Net, we got to know he was working in a architect office near the city NANTES. His holidays, his ex-girlfriends. A very big part of his life was in that way disclosed. This column begins by these words :

“Happy birthday Marc. In December 5th 2008, you will celebrate your 29 years old. Do you allow me to be in familiar terms with you ? You don’t know me, it is truth. But I know you very well. It is on you that the bad luck to be the first Google portrait fell. A very simple column : we choose an anonymous man and we relate his life  with all the  tracks he had voluntarily or not let, on the Net. In that way, what is the hidden message behind the idea of this column ? Of course : the idea that we don’t really care about the private information available on the Net, iwhen synthesize can suddenly give an worrying highlight…”

To those bloggers who don’t want to be listened , here’s an advise : don’t shout your private life at the Net world.


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~ by nournours on September 22, 2009.

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