At CALAIS, at the North of France, at the seaside many migrants come from the Middle East (Iran, Afghanistan etc) to go in England. They wait the opportunity to get clandestinely into a train or a truck for LONDON. They don’t have any passport or official paper. They dream f a new life in England.
A law in France forbids people to help these poor migrants. If you help them, you can go to jail. So they live in huts they built with what they found in the streets and the garbages… They live in a no man’s land.


*                                      *


Last week, SARKOZY’s governement decided to destroy the most important village of huts and ask to the police to chase out the migrants.
We watch on TV news sad images.

In the same week, I saw a really good film. District 9 with the same images. A S.F. Story about aliens fallen on the earth and pened by ONU in a township of SOUTH AFRICA.

Same images, same sad story. Nothing to say. Just see.

*                         *

~ by nournours on September 25, 2009.

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