The film GHOST IN THE SHELL is mostly inspired by the film BLADE RUNNER. Up to some little details : like a bird  made out of fold paper left by a policeman in BLADE RUNNER :


The same question : what is a human being reality ? Where is the frontier between an human being and a robot ? Are the soul, the spirit, the emotion  only human ? In this video, the cyborg female looks at little children who are playing in the streets, and in her eyes, there is the sadness of the women who can’t have children. Some cyborgs maybe more human than some “human” beings who are able to sacrifice their children for their egotic neurosis.

GHOST IN SHELL 2 “Innocence” is for me the best with an incredible esthetic quality. How much JAPAN is fascinated by old chinese civilazation.

~ by nournours on November 13, 2009.

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