Veal meat with spaghetti


Another recipe coming from my Spanish Grand mother , Encarnacion (1898-1986) in a little village SAX (Alicante):

Ingredients :

Gristle of veal (150 gr +/- per person). Tenderones of veal are the gristle-bone of the breast of veal
1 little can of peeled tomatoes or 4 very ripe tomatoes
Garlic (4 cloves +/-), salt & pepper
Red sweet pepper

Recipe :

Cut the gristle of veal in little pieces and put them to fry in a high pan with olive oil.
When the meat is well fried, add peeled tomatoes and crushed garlic.
Let cook till the tomatoes juice have reduced.

Add water much upper than the level of the meat.
Wash and cut the red sweet peppers in straps
In another pan, put the red sweet peppers straps to fry in olive oil.

In the fisrt pan, let cook till the meat is cooked.
Add saffron, salt and spaghetti, add water if necessary.

When the spaghetti are ready, add the sweet red pepper.
That’s all ready !


~ by nournours on December 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Veal meat with spaghetti”

  1. hi, nice to see sooooo many tasty food!!! Are you a spanish descendant?

  2. half spanish on the side of my mother, 1/4 Swiss and 1/4 French on the side of my father. Result : a mix of culture and cook !

  3. hehe , you must be a big melting pot~~ can i find a picture of you here on this site?

    • Maybe an old pic when I was 20 years old ! search in ! and also videos, my riding a bike. Did you try to come back to your site ? Can I help you making a link in my site with your ? on ira tous au sahara !

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