Say hi to DAUL

“Say hi to… “


“I’m so lonely”

Last week, reading the news on the net, I discovered the sad story of a fashion model, Daul KIM who recently died in Paris. Hanged, a suicide, a sentimental suicide.

I’ve never heard about her. Before. Maybe I saw some pictures of her on fashion magazines in the streets: a Korean girl with blond hair.

I don’t know why I’ve been interested in that new. Maybe because it was another death in the “fairy” world of the fashion.
I began to read the story of her short life and then I’ve been searching on the Net, some info, pics and videos about her. It was easy cuz she was quite famous.

It is so strange to make the knowledge of a girl, a few months after her death and spec to begin in this way, by her death. It makes me remember a film, a South Korean film : Failan 2001, directed by Song Hae-sung. The story of a man who is discovering what had been the life of a woman recently dead…

Roaming on the Net, I began to feel the last breathes of her life…  She let on the Net, some sparks I saw, last lights in the darkness of her death. What music she was listening, what pics she had loaded, what videos she had realized etc.
I tried to follow these sparks, till I suddenly dived in her blog.
So hard to read, post after post, how she was going down, deeper and deeper.
The last entry on her blog, dated Nov. 18, the day before her death was titled “say hi to forever” and carried a video of the song “I Go Deep” by British singer Jim Rivers.
As in the Japanese director Shunji IWAI’s film “Love Letter”, some one could have the desire to send to her an email, a message on the Net and wait for her answer from where she is now.
I felt the desire to let a message on her blog and tell her : “ Don’t do that ! “.
She needed help, a serious one, a psychological one. And love. She was shouting for food, hug and caresses, that was what she was waiting for. Look at this pic and you’ll understand :

“i believe that i am pure”

On her blog, she loaded a self portrait with a fork extracting some piece of her brain and behind her, the legs of some one hanged…

“I like to fork myself”

I don’t know if it is art, but Daul was trying to express with her brush, things she wasn’t able to say :

It looks like she had a terrible secret, maybe from her childhood. She wrote she felt guilt.

I have searched Da-ul’s shadow on the net and I’ve found a multicolored sparks way

* * * * */ *      * ……….        .           .                .

Roaming in Paris, I’ve searched Da-ul soul …

Paris 2009 summer

and I smelt the last fragrances of a sweet flower just gone away.

Paris, 2010, June 8

Some one on the net has written : “Except her parents, who will cry for her death six months after ?”. Maybe… who did

…miss her during the last fashion weeks in NYC, Milan, Paris?

I hope people who had the chance to know her when she was alive, will not forget her.

In the street Albert Thomas in PARIS (75010), where she died, there is a little church called Saint-Martin des Champs.

When I’ll be around this area, I’ll go into this church light a candle for the peace of her hurt soul.

Done ! At Mary’s feet. Mary, a Mom.

Now Daul is a real angel, isn’t she ?

Say hi to Daul !

~ by nournours on June 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “Say hi to DAUL”

  1. hey….i get goose bumps…
    esp her portraits………….
    im Korean and i’m a fan of her since 2008.(?)..
    her death came as a SHOCK to me..i could not accepted..still now….
    i’m viewing her blog and vidoes everyday….
    i’ve been missing her…

  2. Thanks. I share some of your feelings, even if I’m late in discovering the sad story of Daul’s life.

    Taking a walk in Paris, I often smelt her evanescent perfume.
    I felt her soul in this little church.

    Let’s light again a candle for her peace.

  3. hi. a beautiful eulogy. take care.

  4. Thanks !

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