Next world visitor in my dreams


Eric appears in front of me. I was happy to see him and his smile. We decide to get lunch together. We call for some pizza delivery at his home. And we go at his home. He rent a flat in a building. I was quite surprise because when he was alive, he didn’t like the city. He wants to arrive before pizza delivery, so he crosses the wall of his flat . I’m not surprised because I know he is dead, he’s a ghost. Me, I come in the flat opening the door. When the pizza delivery man knocks at the door, Eric wants to go to open. But I stop him because he could frighten the pizza delivery man.
So, I open the door, not wide open because I don’t want delivery man could see him and be afraid.
The pizza looks delicious but my secretary calls me. I forgot an appointment with a client who is waiting for me at my office.
Sorry, I says goodbye to Eric who will eat the pizza.

Two points after this cool dream :
1°) With some ghosts, our relations may be the same than when they were alive
2°) Asian people who used to offer up some food, cigarette and wine on the grave of their parents, maybe right. I saw Eric ghost was happy to eat such delicious pizza !


~ by nournours on January 3, 2011.

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