Utagawa HIROSHIGE nishiki-e

« The paper which was now in front of him was still virgin. He wonder what to draw. Or rather, he was trying in silence to put himself in the frame of mind he requires, because it was necessary, before to be able to imagine the painting, ou to know what technique he will use.

He was considering the white paper like the big universe of the non-existence. A single brush stroke should give rise to the existence. He could evoke the rain or the wind as much he liked but anything he could draw, his hear will stay forever in the painting. If his heart is corrupt, the painting will be corrupt ; if his heart is troubled, the painting will be too. If he’ll try to show off his skill, impossible to hide his heart. The human body will wear away, but the ink will remain. The picture of his heart will survive once after he will have disappeared. He felt hsi thoughts were holding him back. He was at the point to come into the the world of the non-existence, to let his heart speaking alone, indepently of his ego, being free from his hand personal touch. He as trying to be empty, wainting for the sublime state where his heart could express himself in unison of the universe. »


Eiji YOSHIKAWA in Miyamoto Musashi


~ by nournours on October 30, 2012.

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