Tasty Japanese noodles ramen in Paris

Today I met Gran Sister in a Japanese restaurant ZEN, 8 rue de l’Echelle 75001 PARIS Tél. 01 42 61 93 99 Fax 01 40 20 92 91, open every day 12-15h and 19-22h.

Near LE LOUVRE. The food is good.


For 10€/pers., we ate for lunch very tasty Japanese noodles « Ramen miso ». Specially the bouillon was delicious. And you should know that bouillon is the Ramen’s soul. Did you see Japanese film “TAMPOPO” (蒲公英 in Chinese language, Dandelion in English), the funny story of a little restaurant of ramen in a Japanese suburb – 1986, Juzo ITAMI- ? How to cook a ramen bouillon ? It is a kind of cooking spy affair. Close your kitchen 😉


And ravioli.


Go !

~ by nournours on September 29, 2007.

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